22 July 2011

[until you dreamed]. | newburyport, ma

and that song you used to sing to me.
the one about the little pigs and the frog who live under my bed.  
you sang until i dreamed.
yesterday, i sang the song to you.
you remembered the words and sang along.
we laughed. 
and i stayed until you dreamed.
{no. 156 m. duval}

i love the moment right before she sleeps. i can feel her little body relaxing. finally coming down from her busy day of twirling and flitting and singing and reading and dancing and giggling. she likes me to rub her back. this is a new thing. i can feel her breathing in and breathing out. the covers moving ever so slightly with each breath. slowly drifting. i can always tell when sleep has arrived. there's a calmness - a stillness. it's such a precious moment. one minute she could be chatting away with me and the next silent. dreaming. i stare at her beauty. the tiny freckles marching across her cheeks. her beautiful dainty hands. i know behind her eyelids, those blue eyes are sparkling. where do her dreams take her? i'm sure she is dancing and twirling. does she know how loved she is? how cherished? she's the moon and stars and sun for me. she delights me in so many ways. when she calls me momma i melt. i melt right into a puddle on the floor. music to my ears. she catches me staring at her from across the room and she'll stop and give me a cheshire cat grin. i adore her so. my amazing beautiful child. sweet dreams. xo

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