21 July 2011

[the august break]. | newburyport, ma.

One of my very favorite people in the world happens to be on the other side of the ocean - which of course makes her even more charming to me. I honestly cannot recall how I happened upon what was then known as the blog - Ink on my Fingers (brilliant name I might add) but I knew my life in cyberspace would never be the same. Susannah Conway is amazing in so many ways. Her journey has mesmerized me for years now and her strength to keep putting one foot in front of the other regardless of what life has thrown at her is more than an inspiration. And her polaroids, seriously, gorgeous imagery through her lens is a gift and one I drink in as often as possible. I'll be first in line when her long awaited book is published. If I was asked who would I like most to share a pot of tea with, Susannah is on the top of that list. We haven't met, but we've chatted a few times in the blogosphere and it's like she has always been there. Kind and warm, the friend who would always be there for you in the middle of the night - for a chat and a laugh and who wouldn't let you leave the house wearing THOSE pants! I enjoyed beyond words her Unravelling course and look forward to taking part deux. 
The August Break. I told myself that this year I would participate, and participate I shall. Nothing stressful, just my photography - monday thru friday{if I can - no stress it's the summer after all!} - with words, without words. A sort of holiday for me and my cam. Great photos or not so great photos, personal or perfect strangers - this will give me the opportunity {and a place to showcase it} to get down to the nitty gritty of  what my photography is all about. The good, the bad, the perhaps slightly out of focus. I won't hold back. And that includes my N90s -  Meg and her camera{s} will take August by storm and even when I'm on my little vacay I will hunt down an internet connection,{insert fingers crossed here}.
Looking at August - one photo memory at a time!

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Anonymous said...

VERY lovely! We enjoy reading your blog, great writing and most especially, fantastic photos! Thank you for your inspiration, we will continue to look forward to what August brings! Karen & Tom