21 January 2012

[on the ice] | newburyport, ma

in winter when the biting breezes
blow and the water freezes,
then it's time, it's time to go
skating on the ice.

choose a day that's bright and clear,
bundle up from toe to eear;
it's the time, the time of year
for skating on the ice

i perch upon the snowy rocks
and pull on both my woolen socks;
i lace my skates and tie them fast
and then i'm up and off at last.

i cannot make a figure eight
i still have trouble going straight
but just the same i  love to skate,
to ice skate on the ice.
{mary ann hoberman}

                    {film:kodak bw400cn}

{hot chocolate. ice. and various knit wear courtesy of urgent need handworks}

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