11 January 2012

[baby.baby] | newburyport, ma

babies do such nice things
they rock on your knee
when i was a baby my rocking was something to see
{carly simon}

film. kodak bw400cn. baby central newburyport.
{hard to believe how much they've grown xo}


jasmine macdonald said...

truly just another day in my home...baby central. My twins babies don't look like babies when I see them on film! Speaking of film...is it possible that you are still this amazing without the convenience of digital equipment? God should have doled out talent more equally as I would love just an iota of what you have! Thank you for this. xo

Colleen said...

Two things....
1.) Meg you truly are absurdly talented.
2.) Jazz tell me that you and Ian have planned out how you are going to keep the throngs of teenage boys away from your house......hehe