17 June 2011

[it's personal] - dancing queen | newburyport, ma

you are the dancing queen
young and sweet

annie's dress rehearsal june 2011 - first time. first stage experience. delightful.

{here's Annie as the Sugar Plum Fairy from her school show last december - she's a ballerina in waiting. xo}


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little ballerina!!Love them all!xoxo Glenny

Erin Manion said...

She is an absolute angel!!! These photos are beautiful!

lunabouch said...

Wow what a beautiful ballerina. She has certainly come a long way from holding my hand taking a walk around the tea house block.

jasmine macdonald said...

what electric eyes! This feels a long way from the sugar plum fairy. gorgeous images, I guess it helps having in-house inspiration!

Anonymous said...

These are such amazing photos of such an amazingly beautiful ballerina princess! She takes after her mama whom I remember to have also been quite the ballerina! I have an image in this group that I would LOVE to have framed! Thank you for being such a wonderful photographer and capturing these precious moments! She is a STAR! xoxo, Aunt Keekoo