23 December 2010

[a lime slice]. dance of the sugar plum fairy. | newburyport - ma.

she twirled and twirled and we loved every minute of watching our gal dance. the sugar plum fairy. she had been living and breathing all sugar plum fairy for weeks. and her performance - well it did not disappoint. the room was packed with parents and friends to watch the adorables present the nutcracker - knoll edge does such a great job with their shows and of course the tireless efforts of her teachers shelley and jonathan cannot go unmentioned -. to coordinate 20+ 4 and 5 year olds is a huge feat. the show was a delight. but of course i must show off my annie. here she is...........{super quick photos sooc/mini tweaks}



look at her on those toes. miss schuster (my former ballet teacher) would be so proud.



the adorables in action.



jasmine macdonald said...

Yay for Annie. I love her on her toes. She looks so serious, I think you have a star performer on your hands. I was trying to remember where I was recognizing some of these faces from...duh! Birthday party...pregnancy brain!

Anonymous said...

I feel like I'm looking at a future princess who will rule her kingdom with kindness and joy...xoxo Keek