04 January 2011

[a lime slice]. just another year 2010. | newburyport - ma.

she's too cute not to share. know what i mean?!!!! xo happy.new.year.2011.

[a year of annie. 2010]


monet b. photography said...

An amazing year!! Annie is such a doll!!

lila Braga said...

she sure is gorgeous and you are a very talented photographer!!
happy new year!
cheers to a fab. year with your fabulous blog!

Anonymous said...

Wow these are so precious, she is going to really appreciate your talent when she grows up. Hope you do every year till she makes you stop! What a gorgeous muse!

Anonymous said...

Annie's eyes are the most beautiful and soulful eyes I have ever seen! She is a wonder, just a wonder and such a gift to all of us! Thank you for sharing these amazing photos of your amazing girl! xo, Keekoo

kristin cook said...

so adorable! What a cute idea ;)