07 November 2010

[a lime slice]. a walk in the woods

i adore these kids. adore adore adore. time and again i think how lucky am i to have this job. look at these smiles. look at how sweet they are with each other. i get butterflies in my stomach when i get to see this through my lens. i had the pleasure of shooting these siblings last year -[here] - and had such a great time exploring the woods with them this year. michael and kai kai - two fabulous creatures! i hope the wait was worth it!! xo































Megan said...

LOVE this session, Meg!! Gorgeous kiddos, gorgeous locations. They're so stylish too!

monet b. photography said...

Such gorgeous children!! Every shot is beautiful Meg...love the colors!

Malia said...

i'm not going to argue with that! :) adore adore adore these pics!

Anonymous said...

Meg, these are INCREDIBLE photographs of two very beautiful people! I think you should be so very proud! I know I am! Love you, Ker