14 November 2010

[a lime slice]. wish

The world will pardon my mush
Cause I've got a crush, my baby, on you
[g. gershwin]

it's no secret that i have a crush on  my daughter. i adore her. she is my beginning and my end and the very best part of me. even when she's cranky and doesn't want her photo taken she has my heart. even when i feel at times i am speaking to her through clenched teeth she is the moon. she calls me momma and my heart beats faster. she makes me laugh like no other. i have sat on her bed watching her sleep crying my heart out because i can't believe she is mine. she sings and dances with such feeling it's amazing to watch[ but only when she doesn't know.] i'll be honest she can drive me absolutely batty when i'm trying so desperately to finish a task. but she twirls and giggles and smiles and adores me. even when i don't deserve it. her heart is brighter than the sun and her honesty and love for the world and all in it teaches me lessons on a daily basis.  it's quite simple. i have no more wishes because she is my wish come true.

[my girl]

my gal





annie xmas collage

[my girl]


obviously this is her glazed over i'm done look.


Carrie Manion said...

I love the shot with her sitting on the steps holding the Wish sign. Simply beautiful!

lunabouch said...

Wow she is getting to be quite the poised young lady.
Nice job Meg and Annie.

Anonymous said...

She is a wonder, just amazingly beautiful inside and out and we love love love her and her momma soooo much! xoxo, Aunt Keekoo

Alex said...

Oh wow, that wide shot of her holding the camera by all of the orange leaves is fabulous!

suzanne said...

she is beautiful! so expressive. love the ones of her with the camera.