03 November 2010

[a lime slice]. leaves.pine cones. smiles

i love this trio. how lucky and honored was i to be asked to shoot them again. you may remember these adorable siblings from here. they've grown so much and so i have i. bluelime is always a work in progress -  amazing what time can do.
this time we met at a very cool cemetary in new hampshire on a perfect autumn day. it turned out to be a great place for us to explore and for michael, bella and sophie to turn on their wonderful charm. they call me "miss meg" - i love that. i also love the obvious joy these three have for each other - it's so evident in the way they hug, smile and talk to each other. family love, that's what it's all about. eileen thanks so much for thinking of me again - your babies are precious and i loved spending time with them - hope you enjoy your rather large sneak peek. just because. xo

























Malia Enright Ott said...

My face hurts I'm smiling so HARD!!!!!!!!!! :?!?!?!?!?!?
GREAT work Meg!

monet b. photography said...

These siblings are adorable!!! Wonderful work Meg...the colors scream Autumn...and the warmth in these photos is so evident! Love!!

eileen xenakis said...

i can not stop looking at them....i try, but i just keep finding something else to smile about!!!!!
your work with my children is wonderful and your talent is so very appreciated!!!!!!

Kathy said...

This family is so adorable! I love the images with the pinecones behind their back. So creative!