10 December 2009


i was greeted with such great energy by these adorable kids who were ready to give me their best model poses. i love that! we explored their back yard and woods with perfect trees, rocks to climb - we balanced our way over a little stream - swings to swing on and a slide to slide down - it was a wonderful place to shoot. we warmed ourselves by the outdoor fireplace and towards the end, little snow flakes started to fall which was a perfect finale. michael, bella + sophie you all did such a great job!! i loved meeting you and spending time with you. you are each very special indeed. the bonds of siblings is a very strong one - how lucky you are to have each other. you reminded me of how lucky i am to have my brothers and sisters and how we posed in the woods back in 1975 for our family portrait. of course not nearly as cool as you guys are!!

here are some favs from the day.

first shot out of the camera and the posing was great already - i knew we'd have some fun!
1 pic copy14

1 pic copy12

sophie...you are too precious.
1 pic copy11

michael is quite the accomplished swimmer and a very handsome young man.
1 pic copy9

bella had a bag filled with her accessories. she knew exactly what she wanted. such confidence.
1 pic copy8

the energy was so great!
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bella with the beautiful smile. and then....the giggle.
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sophie is a 5 year old who has it all going on.
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seriously. these kids are fantastic!
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i particularly love this shot. michael with the "hint" of his younger sisters in the background.
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when i asked the girls to kiss their brother they obliged - and michael was a trooper.
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this one... well what can i say....
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what a great fireplace to have in your yard. eileen i'm coming back!!!
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their beautiful grandmother hopped in for a quick shot. i just love it.
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Tobin eckian said...

fantastic. love the black and white with their 3 faces close up. amazing work Meg!

simply blogged said...

cute kids. love those eyes!