28 September 2010

[a lime slice]. bright yellow paint

"And what does it feel like?" we asked.
"Well," she said,
           leaning over
         to us like a secret,
       "it feels like a gust of wind blowing inside
                            your heart.
              It feels like
             bright yellow paint." [m. duval]

mom kerry mb
[photos circa 1977ish - my high school photography class - l to r. mb, mom, kerry]

today is my mom's birthday. she would have been 82. wow. 82!!! she would have been the most beautiful 82 year old out there. that's for sure. i found these photos of my mom with my two sisters, mary beth and kerry. i remember this. it was thanksgiving i think or maybe approaching christmas. i was taking photography in high school and was practicing. i remember setting up these shots - using the light from the table lamp - i think i draped something over it to get the light on their faces. all i can say is. this was my mom in all her happiness. having her two daughters by her side - ok three but someone had to try to focus the lens - i love these three moments forever captured on film. the first shot mom being smooched - i adore the smile on her face -  pure. the second shot, no doubt mb said something funny, she always does. look at my mom laughing, look at mb looking at my mom laughing. look at kerry looking at mb looking at my mom laughing! well you get it.  i.adore.this.shot. this is how i remember my mom - this is how i remember being with my sisters. and the last shot - the girls resting their heads on mom's shoulders. don't we all want to rest our heads on our mom's shoulders? i do. annie was just doing that to me when i dropped her off at school this morning. it's the best feeling.
i chose these photos to share on my mom's birthday and also the beautiful words of monique duval because happiness, love, laughter, bliss, comfort, security, joy, motherhood, silliness, sisterhood, gladness, and womanhood are most definitely like bright yellow paint. sunny and good.

happy birthday mom. i love you. xo


Jen said...

these are so wonderful Meg! you have your mom's eyes I think...she is just beautiful!

happy birthday to mom. xoxo

lunabouch said...

Nice sentiments and memories about your mom and your sisters.
The photos document the closeness you all must of had.

Natalie said...

*sigh*...I love you. This is such an incredible tribute. Best pictures in the world.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Meg Marie!!! SO AMAZING! It's like being transported right back to that very moment, you getting the camera ready, having us be "natural" (and you know there are no hams here!!!) and most of all...the pure delight that was and always will be our beautiful mom! Wasn't she just precious?

Your writing is wonderful, Meg! You have such a gift for it! Can't wait to see your photo documentary, I will be purchasing the first copy available!!! Bless you for sharing these wonderful photos and most of all your love today. xoxo Ker

Anonymous said...

Thanks sister of mine. very nice sentiments for our Mom. Hope I am missed half as much as she is. Happy Birthday Mom! Save me a seat.