14 September 2010

[a lime slice]. j+d = smitten

jess and dave are a great couple. it's so obvious that they really dig each other. i really enjoyed being in their company. they don't have any "wedding" photos so it was fun to do this session for them. let's see, they've been married for 4 years - no wait 5 years - well actually that info is not readily available! they don't remember! i love love love that. what's a number anyway? what matters is their relationship. and like i said, it's obvious they are smitten. that's the way it's supposed to be. they invited me to shoot on their property - absolutely stunning. i didn't want to leave. a fabulous house with a brand new kitchen that will no doubt be the center of their world with fresh bread baking in the oven, a nice warm fire - three dogs wandering around (two are blind and so sweet). jess is the talent behind jwrobel - gorgeous one of a kind hand-knit items for baby, unique creations for your home and accessories for the cool woman all infused with the vintage flare and creativity that is jess. i neglected to mention, i met jess 5 years ago - she was the phenomenal woman behind the most gorgeous flowers a bride (me) could ever want. she's also a published author of not one but two books. she's amazing. dave has talent too - his gorgeous sculptures are strewn about their property - they are one creative couple.
jess + dave's property boasted a pond with dock, two of the most gorgeous fields i've seen in a long time and beautiful light dappling the sun through the trees.  dave patiently drove the awesome velvet settee out to the field on his tractor. [i'll have to post some behind the scenes images of that transfer!!] - anyway, i could go on and on about how wonderful this couple is. i'm so happy to know them period. and hopefully they'll love an image or two!! they were great models and i loved laughing with them. jess + dave here's your sneak peek - xo








collage 2

collage 3



bike cams


collage 1

bike cams



collage 1




Monet said...

this shoot is uh-mazing!! was dying to see who was on the other side of the settee..just magic!!

Mrs Soup said...

This shoot is just breathtaking. What a FUN couple! I love the shot with the bare feet over the top. And the ring fingers stuck up. And the parasols. Oh heck, I love em all. And I don't even know this couple!

ynric said...

High Bluelime I was drawn to your story by your photo's you see my wife and I just celebrated 5 years on September 16th but more importantly we will celebrate 6 years of being together on January 29th and would like it if you would contact me regarding photos. Please email me at ynric@yahoo.com