28 September 2010

[a lime slice]. the broth of life

"what kind of broth is this?" she asked.
"life," the old woman said.
"boil your first kiss until it is violet like a sky. 
after it cools, stir it until it turns yellow like the wings of a butterfly.
then laugh into the potion to make more good than bad.
that is the broth of life." [#120 - m. duval]

jacob is the most delightful baby. so precious in every single way. sleepy and calm, this session was the most relaxing one i have had in a long time. 
jacob arrived on the day his daddy's twin was getting married. when i arrived at the brides house and being introduced to all the bridesmaids, i kept looking for the pregnant one! well sure enough jacob, as most babies, couldn't wait and his entrance into the world was such happy news at the reception.
carly and jay, your boy is perfection. he's dreamy. period. i wish you so much happiness in your new life as parents. it's off to such a special start. thank you for letting me hang out and rearrange the furniture! carly you are a stunning new mom - just beautiful. i hope you love your sneak peek.

[a special shout out to jwrobel for the beautiful brood pouch, hat and the brood nest - as you can see he was very comfy in it!]








[hey photographer lady - i'm sleeping here!]




[jacob not so happy on "the" bridesmaid dress that mom never wore!]




[check out BIG bro max! isn't he wonderful?!]



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Shasta Johnson said...

as always, your photos of the baby are precious, but that dog? Oh my! He is awesome!!!! :)

Red said...

Meg - gorgeous. Shooting 3 of my favorites (and i haven't even met Jacob yet but I know i'll love him). xo

Monet said...

Oh just wonderful!! He is so sweet! The dog shots are to die for!!!

justine said...

saw your blog on the unravelling role. What stunning amazing photographs you have here, just beautiful.

Anonymous said...


Sarah said...

Love the close up sleeping baby on the little rug - But that Dog? Most Excellent!!!!! To get props like that???? Totally Lucky!!!! :) Great Job! Beautiful pix! Love Love Love! :)