30 September 2010

[a lime slice]. swallow the sky

that's when the rain came down 
and we ran - laughing hard, sides hurting -
          and there was no shelter for miles.
so we just sat down in the sand.
                and watched the ocean
                              swallow the sky. 
                                 [# 122 m. duval]

i live less than three miles from the ocean. the beautiful glorious atlantic that i adore. i just take for granted that it is always there. waiting for me. i can count on one hand how many times i was there over the summer. shameful really. but i love the beach "off season". i don't like to share it. i love it on a rainy day. i love it at 5 o'clock when all the goers are going. i remember being a teenager engrossed in some lovey dovey novel on the beach. avalon, n.j. my sisters engrossed in their books. mom too. one by one, people would fold up their beach chairs and shake the sand off their towels. the lifeguards would drag their stands back up to the dunes finally off duty. but not us manion girls. we'd wrap ourselves in our beach towels that smelled of coppertone and keep on reading or napping or dreaming. we wouldn't even talk. we'd just be. i love that memory.
i thought of it last night when i was on the beach with my little sweetie pie. she loves the beach. i must get better at sharing it with her. pure joy and the sea. and really, who doesn't like the feel of sand on your scalp. love. it.

[can you spot the image where i just told annie we have to go?!!]










Natalie said...

So lovely...

I am loving your posts!!

alyssa said...

I love your photography! Its great! I'm kind of a aspiring photographer :P . Yours is so good!

Monet said...

<3 u guys!! lovely images!

Cindy Schultz said...

i love the beach too! beautiful images and yes... i can tell she didn't want to leave!

Tuula H. said...

Hello from Oulu, Finland!

Thank you for an artistic pause inbetween my Saturday sleaning chores. Beautiful, beautiful photos, revealing the atmosphere in each shooting session. All the best to you all.


Tuula H. said...

Cleaning, I mean :-)