15 February 2010

[urban love] esession.

such a pleasure to meet chris and jenn in boston on saturday for an uber fun photo session. we had a blast walking the streets of boston visiting the places that hold special markers in their hearts. their first kiss, their first date, memories of their courtship that blossomed into a beautiful love that will be officially sealed in miami at the end of april. we braved the chill in the air and set out on our adventure. when you spend the afternoon in boston shooting you are bound to have tons of images to choose from and i had plenty! [i couldn't decide so here's a warning....there are many images to follow.]
jenn and chris, i was so happy to meet you both finally, and i look forward to documenting your special day. i hope you like your cool urban shots!!
here's to dreams of the warm sunshine.

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lunabouch said...

Meg great job with the urban landscape and the couple.
I'm sure they will LOVE the work you did.

shannon said...

fabulous, meg! so many wonderful shots. fun locations!

Megs said...

Great session, Meg! Looks like a lot of fun. :-) It was NOT warm out on Saturday, you're all brave!

Liz said...

Wow! Awesome work!

Dezarae said...

Wow great session! The urban feel definitely coincides with your style completely.

Jen P. said...

So fun, Meg! Love the way you integrated the urban setting into the shoot. Wonderful set!

vanessa said...

so cute. love the urban theme!


FUNtastic photos, simply love your vivid blue shoes as well~

leaca said...

Great shots. They look like a cute, fun couple. Fenway Park....very cool.

heavenesque said...

Love the location!! Great session --nice variety:)

Pix-Ology said...

Love the urban feel to this, you really captured it!

Young Finance Guy said...

Hey This is a really cool blog and i love the photos at fenway!

Go Red Sox!

- Young Finance Guy