29 January 2010

a lime slice [lucky so very]

i work part-time at annie's school. in a different classroom, three days a week. i didn't think i would love it as much as i do. i really love it.
but the best part of my day is when i am at the end of the line of 21 4/5 yr olds marching outside to be picked up by their moms, dads, nannies or grandparents and i pass annie's classroom. i know she is looking out the glass window as we walk by waiting to get a glimpse of me and just like today sure enough her eyes just opened so wide and that smile that melts my heart shines on through. she blows me a kiss and gives me the peace sign (i do the same back - it's our "thang") and all is right with the world once again. i have a major crush on my child. i adore her - from head to toe and everything in between. even when i trip over her crayons on the floor that i've asked her a thousand times to pick up. i adore her. her heart, her smile. i am so incredibly lucky. period.

_DSC1018 a

[annie is very into her music. this shot just kills me]


vanessa said...

she is precious. the music photo is absolutely adorable.

Mrs Soup said...

Oh man, love the music shot.

And I totally understand. Completely.