19 February 2010

a lime slice - [heavy sigh]

everything melted, rained, unraveled, became, grew wings, attempted flight,
flopped, tried again, succeeded. just another day.
monique duval

heavy sigh. i have this love affair going with some vintage cameras. i don't know why i just do. i have been searching ebay for a few that work. sure they make great props and it's always fun to experiment, but i want to get down and dirty with some film. i miss my high school days and my photography class - i can still remember the smell of the darkroom. when my father told me that he had thrown out my grandfathers equipment i almost stopped breathing. i often wonder if my grandfather (who sadly passed away when my dad was 15)and i would have enjoyed shooting together. i like to think that i caught the photog bug from him - that somewhere in the stars he sprinkled his photography dna down on me. it was a long time ago - but oh, what i wouldn't give to hold his cameras in my hands and to process my own film using his enlarger, deep down in the cold dark basement. days long ago. heavy sigh.

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Jen said...

photography and nostalgia go hand in hand. :)

vanessa said...

love the shot of the camera on the swing!