30 December 2009

[j + k] my girls.

so if having a four year old has made me feel old......knowing my two "other" girls have grown by leaps and bounds makes me feel ANCIENT!! my josie and kylie. two sisters. they were my "kids" when all was resolved in my life to remain single and childless and i was a-okay with that....i got to give them back at the end of the day - i didn't have to clothe them, worry about them or save for their colleges. nope none of that. just the fun. [of course annie has thrown a wrench in that equation! believe me i wouldn't have it any other way!]
i was able to spend some time with my girls on christmas eve and i hadn't seen them since the summer. i mean they live so far away it makes visits really impossible. [3 miles down the road can be an eternity to travel!] oh life does get in the way sometimes. annie adores kylie and josie. it's thrilling for me to have a little girl of my own that gets to experience them. i remember waiting for kylie to come home from the hospital and the biggest thrill of my life was when chris and tracey asked if i would be present for the birth of josie. i think i cried every single day after at just the mention of her birth. [it's a good story - i'll have to remember to share that one!] friends are so important. i promise to be a better friend in 2k10.
chris.tracey.kylie.josie. happy new year my friends. xo

[j + k] happy holidays.

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thousand words photography said...

they are just adorable!! nothing in the world like sisters!

Kennagurl said...

I am such a fan of your work. These are great !