23 December 2009

[a lime slice] - annie.friends.manicures.pizza.smiles.laughs. xo

annie had a blast at her birthday. a special thank you to alice and ava and ellie for being such good friends!! xo

(spa paradiso was wonderful to the girls - hot chocolates and cookies and wine and cheese!![for the moms] - thank you so much!) + (oregano's was great - delicious pizza and lots of patience! - thank you.)

shout out: to my dear friend jennifer pinkerton for making annie her skirt. you are so talented!!

annie has worn this crown every birthday of her life. i will have to do a collage of years.
1 pic copy8

ava......let's see what color......
1 pic copy5

alice enjoying her massage - the best part of the manicure!
1 pic copy7

ava patiently waiting her turn!
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alice look! i chose silver....ooooooo!
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a moment.
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showing off the red!
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the final product. ta...da!!
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it was a very dark restaurant! miss ellie.
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happy birthday sweetie!
1 pic copy

i really loved the intimacy of this party and this moment is a fav. 4 year old girls are the best!!
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Anonymous said...

The last pic of Annie and her friends laughing is just precious! They will love that picture years from now when they are all still laughing together:) Merry Christmas! - Erin

The {G} Family said...

Looks wonderful! You have a gorgeous girl...and what beauties her friends are!

Jen said...

So, so special! Looks like a wonderful birthday!

Anonymous said...

The pictures capture the moment to a T! What cutie pies!! Looks like a special little girl had a wonderful time on her special day!! (I am sure that the other moms love these pictures too!)

xoxoxo Kellee

thousand words photography said...

these are wonderful!! looks like a fantastic 4th birthday!! xo

Red said...

I hate to miss a party and this looks like a good one. They will love those photos in 14 years or so.

mary said...

So, so cute!! And there's my favorite girl Alice!

What a great idea for a birthday party, too!

Sogni e Sorrisi said...

Beyond adorable!!

Alex Mathers said...

Cute pictures!

Anonymous said...

Such gorgeous pictures!

Anonymous said...

I didn't sign my comment...Carrie Manion said on January 4th....