18 November 2009

[well ok then]......

the sky was blue. a perfect day to do it. she likes to dress herself these days. she wore her skirt around the house for a few days prior - taking it out for a spin. over jeans, with her sneakers, over her pj's, each time i spied her in it i would make her take it off. she would protest. i would win. i had a vision of how i wanted her to look. i just wanted one shot at the shot. you know.......the holiday card shot. the dreaded.holiday.card.shot.
the afternoon was fahreeeeezing. figures. where did this wind come from? it was balmy just a day before. of all the days i planned it, it had to be cold cold cold. but try i did. it backfired. wasn't going to happen. she's onto me. she rarely looks at my lens anymore. she knows. she knows how to push all my buttons. she's a free spirit. i can't blame her. she's got her swirly skirt on and there's nothing but grass to run around in. why would she want to stop and pose for her mom.
oh well. perhaps i'll try again tomorrow. or maybe i'll just settle and use one of these shots - after all it's her. my girl.

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outtake no. 1 - i'm hungry. i'm really really hungry. [she's always really hungry - even after her lunch] open the lollipop survival kit. oh and what's this thing mom? are you trying to get a little holiday touch in your shot? um....yes annie will you hold it? no mom. well ok then.

outtake no. 2 - will you smile for me? no mom. well ok then.
outtake no. 3 - make a wish annie and blow. i wish my mother would stop.
6 blog rounded copy4

outtake no. 4 + no. 5 - annie don't take your hat off it's really cold. i don't like it mom - that's it, i quit [that's usually what she says when she's mad] there. better. well ok then.
6 blog rounded copy

outtake no. 6 - ok my sweet girl why don't you show me that wonderful smile. well ok then.

outtake no. 7 + 8 - she throws me a bone. and then she walks away.
6 blog rounded copy1

outtake no. 9 - wait annie! just one. please. for me? well ok then.
1 pic copy2

outtake no. 10 + 11 - get that hat on it's fahreeezing! reverse psychology. whatever you do annie. don't.smile. don't.laugh. don't.do.it!! well ok then.

outtake no. 12 - perhaps all wasn't lost. i love you annie viola. i love you too mom. well ok then.
1 pic copy3


Mrs Soup said...

If those are outtakes....


Who wants a boring sitting and smiling photo when you can get these with so much life to them!

Jen P. said...

awww, so sweet! I love Annie!! I understand your frustration Meg - I suffer from it x3!

lunabouch said...

That Annie gets cuter everyday.
I can't wait to see her real soon.

thousand words photography said...

i love her to the moon!!!

joanne Blaser said...

I have to say that the combo of the pictures of adorable Annie and your commentary brought a tear to my eye, Meg. Thanks for sharing - have a wonderful Thanksgiving!