11 November 2009

[just thinking]

in this age of technology..... a lot of folks are busy sending texts, shooting off emails, leaving blog comments (love that srsly i do!), status updates on facebook, twitter reminders etc, etc. i am guilty of all the above (and there's nothing wrong with it!) - but i miss putting it down on good old fashioned paper. i love taking pen (particularly a new black super fine sharpie - don't even get me started on how much i miss my expresso pens - why don't they make them any more?!) to paper. i feel more committed to the task if i write it down. i love making my to do lists and the joy of crossing off the items once they are accomplished. sure that "to do" list usually mocks me on a daily basis as it grows bigger and not smaller. but i guess my point is for me, i need my filofax stuffed with receipts, photos of my daughter, scraps of paper, postcards, a handwritten card from my beloved mom. i love my stacks of notebooks and journals filled with thoughts, reminders, places i want to go shoot. they may take away all the magazines i love but they won't take away my beautiful handmade paper linen bound journal i bought in rome or my $1.99 fabulously cool target journal.
just thinking.



Matt Conlon said...

Being an I.T. guy, with the exception of the telephone time I put in, all of my communicating is text based. Just as you say, shooting emails, facebook updates, blogging, etc.

It's to the point now that my hand nearly cramps just from signing for a debit card purchase, and I bearly recognize my once barely adequate handwriting.

I've been forcing myself to keep detailed notes in a real paper notebook while working now for a few weeks, but it seems like such an inefficient mode of note taking, when I type so much faster!

Before long, the written word will be but a novelty.

Jen said...

I'm with you Meg. I love making lists and writing things down, but just don't do it often enough anymore.

Bim said...

Funny Meg...I have been looking into hand binding books. I have been working on my family tree for years and want to give copies to my Nieces and Nephews for xmas and do not want to hand them just a computer disc with the tree on it. If you hear my machines running in the basement I am building some sewing fences and book presses

simply blogged said...

I love my moleskins and I do all kinds of things. One I have full of magazine clippings, another artwork, another art, another my little musings, and I have a couple for my lists....I love a good list. =]

thousand words photography said...

couldn't agree more!! i'm a list maker and couldn't live without it! i wish i was a journaler...always wanted to be. especially about the kids and their day to day life. i don't ever want to forget it.