25 November 2009


i die. LIT.erally. you're my life. a.mazing. shut up right now. ba.na.naaaas.
ok!! - i got a bit carried away with the zoeisms. [jenni, i know you get this!!] we had such a blast and a lot of laughs.
jenni is a beautiful girl loaded with personality and confidence and... THE.BEST.SMILE! she wanted to do a session to document this time in her life. i love that. i hope you love your images. i hope i captured you. being you. you have such spirit and energy. you just get it. xo

[i couldn't help it - had to include the isms!]

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Jen said...


Jenni said...

seriously girls, you look A.mazing!

JAR Photography & Design said...

Gorgeous... love the one in the door, but they are all great!!! Happy Thanksgiving.

thousand words photography said...

fantastically fabulous!! love!