26 November 2009

[november morning]

thanksgiving is just the three of us. a quiet day - we make breakfast - watch the parade - go for a nice long walk along the river. today we stopped for hot chocolates along the way - annie and i like to hunt for pine cones that we can glitter for the holidays. this morning there were none. they were all hanging onto their branches. not sure if it's the warmer temps but we'll try again another day. we cooked a delicious meal - watched movies. it's so nice not to have to travel. i do miss my family - we're scattered everywhere. but the good thing about having a heart is the ability to fill it with all kinds of love. i am so thankful for so many things, good health, good friends, my family and wonderful memories. oh how i love november.

[here are some images from our walk]

berry bokeh
[the girl]
[thanksgiving day]


Jen said...

Meg! These are sooo wonderful!!!! Breathtaking shots!

gkgirl said...

these photos are beautiful
and happy belated
thanksgiving to you!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Your images are remarkable. Your daughter's smile could light up a stadium. She is positively sweet & so adorable. What a nice Thanksgiving. Ours too was quiet, family all far away D:
Simple pleasures are the best! x

KrisKeefe said...

I love the walk pictures..I love that you share them with us...I want to talk with you about photography/blog work....I'm going to try to call you in a couple of days....your daughter and you nieces are beautiful.....I'll talk to you soon...Kristine (knitting)

Becca said...

These are absolutely totally stunning!

Erin said...

i really enjoy these pictures. great colors in the close ups!

leaca said...

stunning shots.

Red said...

God you can make a girl homesick.