02 May 2009

{the other awards}!!

the fabulous pioneer woman who is always giving away something grand - was at it again and yours truly was on the receiving end!! i entered a "photo book" into a snapfish contest(to receive 5 photo books) but was not chosen in the top 50. but, miss pw decided to give her own awards (one free photo book) and bluelime photography was chosen for "best photos in a book" - that's a pretty great category if you asked me.
so here i am tooting my own horn. tooooooot tooooooot!!!!

click here to view my photo book. still a work in progress.

Best Photos in a Book - Bluelime Photography -Meg

Congrats, guys—and thanks again, everyone, for your wonderful submissions!


nell@shesnaps.com said...

So p makes my being ache!


Meredith said...

First, many congratulations on your most notable award title "best photos in a book." Wow. That about says it all. But the trouble is nobody can see them. I found you because your studio was mentioned. I won something a little ways back and it is a thrill, isn't it? Anyway, can you direct or link to your photobook so we can all admire it?

Meredith said...

Never mind. I found yours and your photos are lovely. Great job.

Jen said...

I am still so excited about you getting such an awesome award! wow! you totally deserve it! I can't wait to check out your book.