01 May 2009

{goodbye my friend}

so goodbye my friend,
i know i'll never see you again.
but the time together through all the years,
will take away these tears
it's okay now, goodbye my friend.
{k. bonoff}

sadly, my dear friends chris + tracey had to say goodbye to their beloved java. i was honored to be able to photograph this sweet pup in her final days. we all love our pets, but this little chocolate lab was special. she had the finest disposition of any dog i ever knew. she was a delight to all and when her world suddenly changed with the arrival of her "sister" kylie, she gladly stood in the background to adore the baby. and even when another "sister" josie arrived she knew she had two special girls to watch over. we would always joke that java was here first. many of my memories of living here in newburyport involve this family, their two daughters and their little pup java. i know there is an empty hole in their hearts today and i hope in time they will heal and know how truly lucky they all were for knowing this incredible dog and for the ability to give her the love they did. she is right there by their sides, even though they can't see her, java would never let them be alone because they are a family.

java 8

java 9

java 7

java 1

java 6


JAR Photography & Design said...

Awww... so sad, I just watched Marley the other night and this just brings back the movie. We have a 13 yr old and I know her time is slowly coming. These pictures are beautiful and capture Java's spirit, so great to have now as memories.

mary said...

Oh my God. These shots break my heart. What an adorable pup. You captured her beautifully.

Anonymous said...

Oh how sweet is Java?....what a beautiful and beloved dog. Lovely images and memories to always remember her. I'm so sad for the loss of everyone's who's lives she snuggled up against. **HUGS**

Kerry said...

I'm sitting here with tears rolling down my face! Her sweet eyes, you can see she is saying "thank you, it's been great but I'm ready to go now." My heart is breaking! Bless her sweet heart...beautiful photos, Meg, her loving spirit captured so wonderfully.

Anonymous said...

java illuminates these images with a radiance and bravery. thanks for sharing these poignant and telepathic images. we all mourn the passing of such a noble soul.

PhilH said...

ces clich├ęs sont extraordinaires, c'est un adieu magnifique.

Sara said...

A beautiful memorial to a beloved friend.

olivia said...

What a touching post ... beautiful images of a gentle spirit indeed.

Jen said...

so special and sweet, truly touching and so sad.

Woman Interrupted said...

Oh, he is gorgeous! That must have been hard to say goodbye.