07 May 2012

easy like that | above.beyond

it was the perfect date. overcast day. our little girl tucked safely in school. a bag of movie popcorn. an empty theater. we approach the door. bil hands me my ticket. i take the left door, he takes the right. meet you in the lobby we both say. i see my movie. he sees his. perfect. i love that we don't have to by each others side all the time. we do things together of course but it's nice to do things together, separately. i finally got to see the hunger games. loved every minute of it. very cool photography too. and he got to see the avengers. what a boy he is. done and done. we're easy like that. 

+ because a post is better w/ an image of annie. xo

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Anonymous said...

LOVE the precious sprinkling of freckles on her sweet face...xoxo