02 April 2012

[just another day] | wanderlust.

everything melted, rained, unraveled, became,
grew wings, attempted flight, flopped, tried again,
just another day.
{m. duval #317}

a wonderful wanderlust session with the delightfully creative + uber talented jess wrobel of jwrobel + brood baby. studio artisan extraordinaire. jess invited me to spend some time in her north shore studio. i could spend hours and hours in this beautiful environment. no wonder she creates the most exquisite items for home. for baby. for you. i met jess almost 7 years ago when she designed the most stunning flowers for my wedding. {yes this talented lady used to spend her days surrounded by blooms} but the call and desire to get back into the fiber arts was too strong a pull for her and thank goodness for that because jess is amazing. sourced vintage and antique items abound. the studio is filled with impressive fabrics and select items from her many antique + flea market jaunts up and down the coast from maine and beyond, with her husband, dave. unique finds are everywhere - gorgeous buttons, delicate ribbons and baubles and yarns of every color fill clever storage vessels. my favorite are the handmade buttons created by dave, from the branches of their very own blueberry bushes. her sewing machines take pride of place on top of an antique counter from a general store. boxes of beautifully wrapped items ready to ship to lucky customers await their trip to the post on a workbench lovingly salvaged from dave's aunt + uncle's house, along with some very unique cabinets. stacks of wool folded neatly on an antique bakers rack await the next design. inspired sketches that will be turned into amazing pieces are hung on the wall, bouquets of knitting needles are nestled in carafes. it is the most magical  environment. and when jess isn't busy making the most unique items (which really is never because she is constantly working on something) she makes bread and other deliciousness in the coolest kitchen around (that's another wanderlust session) and has already started planting their vegetable garden which will yield a bounty for canning. seriously jess and dave are the  most delightful people along with three fabulous dogs that most certainly rule the roost. jess thank you for this experience, you always amaze me with your cleverness + coolness. xo 

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May said...

I love Aritsan work! Beautifully captured.

kally38 said...

This is just so wonderful, Meg! I'm running out of descriptions for your indescribable work! I just love getting lost in your beautiful photographs which tell such great stories!

Would you consider compiling your work for a "wanderlust" book? What an awesome book that would be! Copyright that idea, pronto!

Sometime soon, "wander" down to CT and shoot "Sweet William {terrariums of distinction}," thanks to your inspiration!

And may I pleeze have that wonderful sewing table?!?! Delightful! xo