20 March 2012

[the art of peaceful living] | newburyport, ma

the details are not the details, they make the design.
{charles eames}



this was perhaps the most wonderful wanderlust session for me. it combined my three loves, design+mid-century furniture+photography - a trifecta so amazing for my senses that i found it hard to stop shooting once i got started. and because of that i shared far too many images, but alas, it can't be helped. what a pleasure it was to spend time at mpg home design, located in newburyport. a full service architectural + design company specializing in modern - practical - green design {mpg}. mindi gay poston, associate aia is the  principal designer and owner of mpg home design who is incredibly creative and talented. the mpg team of know-how not only includes architecture and interior design, but offers beautiful upholstery services, gorgeous fabrics and a shop filled with antique and mid-century delights to enhance every room of your home. mpg home design finds the beauty in everything, from an old chair to a forgotten lamp and then revamps it using vintage and modern fabrics, low voc paints and combines these efforts into a truly beautiful final result. mpg home design offers so much, you really owe it to yourself to pay them a visit, in person or through their website. did you know they have an in-house resource center open to the public?!  along with a library of design books + magazines, wood + tile samples, fabrics + paints  and of course,  inspiration boards to help set you on your designing journey. thank you mindi et al for letting me get lost in your fabulous studio. i can't wait to do it again. xo. 


MFAMB said...

you are such a good photographer.

i need you to come and take pics of my house.

when it's done.
i can't pay you...but i can paint for you. or dance for you.
or do a TON of dialects for you.
or cook for you.

Critty Luslow said...

Meg... when you photograph people you're good.. and I mean really good. But this wanderlust shoot of mpg, like the one of the antique fair at that farm in Salisbury are examples of the type of photography that you do that is simply amazing and awe inspiring. I have to admit that I'm so dumb that that I thought.... based on the issue of Northshore in the first picture that you were sharing some of your fave shots from that very magazine... because these shots look like the ones you'd see in a professional studio shoot in a magazine... it wasn't until I read your blog entry below that it hit me that YOU shot these. This is my fave style of your photography... I love when it sneaks up on me and says "hey dopey boy, the mother of your daughter did this." You need to do more of this and you need to be in magazines and books of stylish photography.

kally38 said...

These are perhaps THE most beautiful, inspirational, awesome photos ever, Meg!

I challenge ANY other professional photographer showing in ANY magazine to outdo these photographs!

(And I would LIVE in this space!) "Way to go...., WAY TO GO!"