27 February 2012

[into forever] | newburyport, ma

His friends are more than fond of Robin
He doesn't need to compliment them
And always as he leaves, he leaves them
Feeling proud just to know him

When Robin goes on holiday
There's no one livin' in our lane
Oh yes, folks still live in our lane
But they're not like Robin

Robin, I've never told you
But I'll be yours until we're old
Please learn to call me in your dreams
The way I'm lookin' at you is just as it seems

He's talked about before he gets there
Though he can never understand it
And I would like to be his alone
But I'm shy and can't demand it

But when Robin gives his love to others
There's no one living in my heart
Oh yes, I keep others in my heart
But they're not like Robin
{c. simon}

she held the photo in her hands and the sound of crying began. soft at first, but it became increasingly louder - she was so distraught. how can a 6 year old be so intuitive, so sensitive - she has a heart as big as the world and a kindness that is so touching. the photo she held in her hand was of robin. robin the cat. her cat. she remembers him. sadly robin left us when annie was about 3. but her memories of him are sweet. her favorite she told me, through her tears, were of her chasing him and pulling his tail and how he didn't even scratch her, "because he loved me mom, he really loved me". and it's true. this little guy loved annie. he was a bit of a "scaredy" cat - so having a baby in the house was new to him. but we would often find him napping in her bassinet, cuddled up around her blankets and sweet stuffed animals. he would sniff her freshly bathed head and was never far from where she was. annie had experienced her first loss in life, her beloved robin. and it still stings. there are times it hits her like a freight train and her sadness is unconsolable. like last night. she cried for an hour. clutching her framed photo of her first love. falling on the bed in tears. her little shoulders quivering up and down with each sob. it made me cry to think how sad this little girl of mine was. how truly heartbroken. we have robin's ashes in a beautiful wooden box with a plaque - his name engraved in brass - and his years on this earth. {she refers to them as robin's "rashes" and i never ever had the heart to correct her - i know i must, but really how sweet is that}. as i cradled my little girl, she asked  me to play his song. the carly simon song from which he was named - but she soon asked me to turn it off because it made her even  more sad to hear his name being sung. the truth is, he was a wonderful pet who is missed tremendously and loved so dearly. and wouldn't he be so happy to know that his little annie still cries for him and that he was once and still is - so cherished, into forever.


Critty Luslow said...

SHE GETS THAT FROM YOU... Mr. Coldheart wouldn't waste a sniffle on a cat... dead or alive.

although I did get a little tearyeyed reading this... but don't tell anyone.

Anonymous said...

So sweet and touching! We just loved Robin, too, he was so loving and cuddly! I'm so sorry for Annie's hurting heart...I watch my Leah sob her heart out over her loss of Roamie (and yes, he roamed!) and then Tibby whom they had rescued from being put down...but they only had him for 6 years...but I try to tell her it's still 6 years! Anyway...very sweet and always one of my favorite songs. We love that Annie! xo Keekoo