02 December 2011

[after the storm] | newburyport, ma

Heat's up, tea's brewed
Clothes strewn around the room
Looks like a wind swept through
{c. simon}

I walk Annie to school every morning. Right up until the moment we head out the door we are in full morning frenzy. A teeth brushing, hair brushing, backpack  packing, lunch making, shoe finding, coat buttoning, hat hunting frenzy.  Upon my return, when I close the door from the early morning chill, the house immediately feels so empty. I look around at the breakfast dishes, the crayons on the floor, the shoes in the middle of the room just waiting for me to trip over, the book opened to the page she was just a moment ago reading. I miss her. I know it’s silly; she’ll be back in 6 and a half hours. Still. The quiet is so loud. Everywhere I turn, there she is. Now don’t get me wrong, there is many a day I cherish this quiet. Many a day six and a half hours goes by in a flash. Many a day I get to breathe – just for me.
But there is many a day I miss that girl.
Like  today.
In the calm. After the storm, that is Annie. xoxo.

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