09 November 2011

[heavy metal] | newburyport, ma

it's a heavyweight, the camera.
now we have modern and lightweight, small plastic cameras,
but in the '70s they were heavy metal.
{annie liebovitz}

there was a photograph of my grandfather hanging on the wall of the "porch" in our family home. i remember the brilliant color of the film - the reds - the blues - the hum of dimension, slowly fading with time and sunshine. my grandfather is standing there holding a fish he caught - his khakis rolled up to avoid being wet. cigar in hand. the glimpse of a grin as he looks toward the camera. i never met this man. but that one image will always be the catalyst for me for loving photography. with this deep desire of wanting to know him but also wanting to know how to capture that feeling. the one i felt as i stared at the photograph. i was holding my nikon n90s in my hand last night - a lovely little camera that always felt good in my hands. nice weight. i alwyas liked the sound of the shutter. why did i ever abandon it. what did it ever do to me. i hope it forgives my absence and welcomes me back with open arms or with an open aperture.

{i dare speak of film with digital imagery. my apologies to the film gods. images processed with film shift from red leaf studios and finished with jessica drossin textures - from the illuminations 2 series - veiled}

my sweet model - my fabulous niece erin manion - 
currently studying visual arts at western connecticut state university


Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL writing, and especially wonderful photographs of our sweet Erin! Really great, Meg, we're so proud of you! Keek, Adam & Leah

Anonymous said...

We follow your blog, and love your amazing photographs. Have you ever thought of doing a photo/book, incorporating your stories through your photos? I will contact you! John Mitchell, NYC