29 October 2011

[punk rock girl] | newburyport, ma

punk rock girl please look at me
punk rock girl what do you see?
let's travel round the world 
just you and me punk rock girl.
{the dead milkmen}

when asked what a punk rocker is, annie replied:
"a punk rocker has bright colored hair and is kind of mean, you know, like a punk"

happy halloween 2011 xo


jasmine macdonald said...

Holy crap! That's awesome!

heidi said...

oh jeez........she looks fabulous...but isn't scary that she could home like that @ 15 for real?!

meg manion silliker said...

verrrrry scary so therefore i will plant j.crew catalogs everywhere! :)

leaca said...

LOL....too cute.

Anonymous said...

These photos are mind blowing!!! She LOOKS 15 already!!! And although quite the amazing punk rock outfit, she looks BEAUTIFUL! What a face! What a model! What a photographer!!! We love you! Keek