08 October 2011

[it's personal] ballerina. | newburyport, ma

you must have seen her
dancing in the sand
{e. john}

{annie viola. xo}

not a day goes by that i am not delighted by this little creature who drifted into my life almost six {6?!!} years ago. she has an amazing ability to embrace every little activity of her day and turn it into a big joyful pool of wonder. she wakes up happy. she goes to sleep happy. and i am convinced she has happy little dreams in between. i was staring at her legs this morning. i can't believe how long they are. she is a perfect ballerina.  from hip to toe she has grown so much. the clothes in her closet that no longer fit are proof enough that my gal is thriving. so much has she grown this year, that soon she will be touching the stars. look up, you may just see her swinging her feet as she lounges on the tip of the crescent moon. if anyone can do it, annie viola can. xo


The {G} Family said...

This is adorable. My sweet little girl, who will be (gasp) THREE in December is asking to go to "the bowerwina school". :)

Anonymous said...

What LOVELY photographs, you are so very talented and we enjoy following you! Every image shows an emotion that we can actually feel, and your daughter is SO precious! Our children are older, but I certainly wish I had been able to document special moments like this...you will have them forever! And she looks like she will be a wonderful ballerina! The Dwights