18 September 2011

[pure privilege] | woodbury, ct.

come into the garden
it's magical trees
dapple the sun as they sway with each lazy breeze
they'll set your mind at ease

pretend you're a child
with nothing to hide
then we'll join hands and let the universe swing wide
we'll lay our fears aside
{c. simon - the garden}

{erin + leah . august 2011 . woodbury. ct.}

i've often written about the pure privilege and honor i have of being annie's mother. well i have another pure privilege. aunt. these two beauties are my little connecticut treasures, erin + leah - my brother's gal and my sister's gal. i in no way want to leave out my darling girl emily - she's my california treasure {and my other sister's gal} and i hate that she is so far away, but i include her in this sentiment. these young ladies bring such joy to my life. all three of them. i have watched them grow since the moment they were born into these amazing young women who make us all happy just to know them. how thrilled my mother would be to see how her little grandgirls have blossomed. i know she shines down on them each and every day. 
and to my sweeties - as you continue to make your way in this world. i want you to know that i am always here for you. i am always proud of you. and i always love you. xo aunt meg


Anonymous said...

ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! I love the way your photos evoke such emotions, how we as viewers can feel so much, their happiness and the amazing time they are having with their beautiful Aunt Meg...such talent! Thank you a million times! Your loving family

Anonymous said...

Reading this mean so much, you are an amazing aunt and i'm so happy you're mine:) you have such talent and i look up to you so much! love you always
-Leah <3