29 August 2011

[august break no. 8] - the edge of the sea. | newburyport, ma

whatcha gonna do when winter calls
and your flowers fall from the garden walls
i'll come hoome to you
you'll come home to me
my love will be your remedy
i'll choose you and you'll choose me
we'll be two daughters
dancing by the edge of the sea....
{c. simon}

Megan + Marley

part deux of the darling marley and her new found friend annie. we were determined to get down to sandy point on plum island. such a lovely place where the sky meets the sea at what seems like lands end. perhaps because of the long slow drive out to the point. but oh  so well worth it. i love the light out there. i love the tide pools and the bits of drift wood teepees scattered down the beach. this is the place we love to come during the winter and also our thanksgiving walk while the turkey cooks. it was high tide so we didn't get to the tide pools but still......so perfect. these shots were actually done on megan and marley's last day before returning home to kansas later that evening. so it officially was marley's third time at the ocean and i'm happy to report her first look at the sea was on plum island on her first day here. i love that. and clearly the joy on her face shows - she's a perfect beach baby. xo

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Megan said...

I did not recognize my own feet! Love these, love this post. Love the memories, but miss you all.

Debra said...

Meg! These photos are just incredible!!! The shots are so cute and the processing is perfect for beach shots!