18 July 2011

[spin through the stars] | boston, ma

want to pack your bags something small
take what you need & we disappear
without a trace, we'll be gone, gone
The moon & the stars follow the car
& then when we get to the ocean,
we're going to take a boat to the end of the world...
all the way to the end of the world
oh and when the kids are old enough
we gonna teach them to flyyyyyyy

you & me together we can do anything, baby
you & me together yes, yes
you & me together we can do anything, baby
You & me together yes, yes

You & I we're not tied to the ground,
not falling but rising like, rolling around
eyes closed above the roof tops
eyes closed we're gonna spin through the stars
our arms wide as the sky, we gonna ride the blue
all the way to the end of the world,
to the end of the world 
oh and when the kids are old enough
we gonna teach them to flyyyyyyy

you & me together could do anything, baby
you & me together yes, yes
you & me together we can do anything baby
You & me toghter yes, yes

we can always look back at what we did
always remembering you & me baby
But right now it's you and me forever girl
you know we could do better than anything that we did
you know that you and me we could do anything

you & me together c' do anything, baby
you & me together yeah, yeah

two of us together we c' do anything, baby
you and me together, yeah yeah
the two of us together yeah, yeah
the two of us together, we can do anything baby 
{d. matthews}

i got the call monday morning and was there monday evening to witness this love. this wonderful love. kate and nick it was an honor to be present for you, i wish you a lifetime of happiness and of course continued fun with all your beautiful babies. {combined - no. 7 coming to a cradle soon!} xo

this beautiful elopement
happened on: 7.11.2011
at: approximately 7:40pm
why 7:40? because the bride realized she left the marriage license at home so the wonderful groom fought commuter traffic and raced home - about an hour each way - now that's love!
witnessed by: jasmine macdonald and yours truly
privately celebrated: the bride and groom dined at mama maria in the yummy north end
flowers by: exotic flowers
toasted by: jasmine and yours truly at joe's american bar and grill - hey any excuse to get out. and now that the secret's out  everybody raise their glasses too - let's all celebrate kate and nick!! xo

this was an incredibly romantic evening. kate and nick have their wedding planned for next july - but sometimes love can't wait and besides it's good practice. perfect! xo


Anonymous said...

Absolutely AMAZING photography, I felt like I was at the ceremony or standing along the waterfront or in the park alongside them!

I have been following your work and find it to be the best I have EVER seen! I will be booking soon! (My info to follow.)

Red said...

I had no idea this was your elopement you were fb'ing about. This made me tear up as much as Jasmine's babies. Lovely work Meg and Congrats to a gorgeous and very in love Kate & Nick!

jasmine macdonald said...

The popularity of your work has spread like a forest fire through my circle of friends. I love that we all share a love for your eye, and continue to share you. Kate and Nick have been so excited to hire you since they started their wedding planning, I was thrilled to hear they were able to snag you for their elopement. The pops of color came out amazing, and it really was a sweet secret while it lasted. ps- Kate called me gushing about her proofs and couldn't choke back the tears trying to describe what you had captured!