13 July 2011

[inspiring me] now | newburyport ma

All I ever wanted
Had to get away
Meant to be spent alone
{the go-go's}

in my mind, i am currently enjoying a cafe au lait sitting at marble topped table in a quiet little bistro along the champs d'elysees - having just left my amazingly quaint off the beaten path guest house. well that's about as far as my travels will take me this summer. i'm not complaining, the beautiful atlantic is less than two miles from my door and there is beauty in every direction i can twirl. i believe the buzz word is staycation. yes, i am on a staycation - enjoying the delights in my own backyard and my laptop. recently i stumbled upon a brilliant website that has been feeding not only my love of interior design, but my love and desire to travel. the wonderful french photographer alex profit has put together a website called tasty hotels. and boy what a great labor of love. the quintessential address book of some wonderful guest houses, cottages and hotels from around the world. and if nothing else, it's some pretty eye candy while i sip my own freshly made lemonade. oh happy summer to me. xo

{mauro mansion - amsterdam}

{high road house - london}

{montesaraz - portugal}

{la classe - belgium}


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Herman Glenvale said...

You're living your life in a magazine article... like Neo in the Matrix... wake up Neo.