03 June 2011

[it's personal] - the rearview | newburyport, ma.

It won't be long before another day
We gonna have a good time
And no one's gonna take that time away
You can stay as long as you like
{j. taylor}


The rearview mirror is my lifeline.  Not for the reasons of road safety either - but because in one small glimpse I can take in the beauty of my child. I remember driving home from the hospital with my almost officially three day old cherub – I immediately had to sit in the back seat next to her while Bil chauffeured us safely home through the snow and ice. I did this because all the baby shows featured the new mother’s sitting in the back seat next to their babes – I didn’t realize until much later it was because the camera person had to sit in the front seat to film! But still there I was. Adoring this little creature.

I always used the car to rock Annie to sleep – we all know it works like a charm. If she was fussy during naptime I’d throw her in the car (ok I wouldn’t throw her) and drive a bit – in moments she’d be out – so I would park down by the water and let her snooze while I read a book or a magazine. I loved these quiet times.  I remember taking this photo of her because I knew I didn’t want to forget the moment. I’m so glad I did because this is one of my little treasures. That sweet face, gently breathing in and breathing out and a glimpse of her little shoes { that of course I still have tucked in a drawer}. It’s these little snippets of time that mean everything to me.

I still use the rearview to see my gal of course, but now she’s in a big booster seat chattering away about her day at school, reading or singing, she is always singing. It’s amazing how interactive we are now – I love to watch her do these things, to sing along with her or have our deep conversations – she’s growing  before my eyes through the rearview mirror. I know it won’t be long when she’ll be cruising her own cherub around. In a blink and it’s gone. These days are so precious to me, I never want them to end.  xo

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jasmine macdonald said...

Great memories. I sat in the back with my new little lady 10 years ago too, and hollered at the people flying by at 25mph! Boy did she seem so fragile. I wish I had the talent and sense to have cataloged moments like this, as you did. I'll rely on your memories to jar mine! You two are a precious set.