16 March 2011

[the middle of passion] | newburyport ma

sometimes i need to remind myself to be true to me. to remember why i love to have a camera in my hand. to not be influenced by others. to second guess my thought process. my own vision. to take the encouraging words i have for others and turn them on myself. to keep believing. to keep positive. to keep remembering. i get butterflies in my stomach when that shutter closes. i love that. i know i am in the middle of my passion. i look forward to bringing it to the next level. whatever that may be. wherever that may lead. i am a willing passenger. there's beauty in that.
a stack of design books. a  new magazine. a pot of tea. my little girl. my camera. memories of my mom. the sound of rain on the roof. the smell of the ocean. carly simon singing in the background. a pair of jeans that really fit. a smile. a giggle. a good cry. and an open heart. and love. lots and lots of love.

once upon a time a girl prayed for true love.
her prayer was answered. she learned to love herself. 
{#30. m. duval}

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Anonymous said...

Love it, love it, love it....thanks for sharing!!!!