30 March 2011

[life lesson no. 1] | newburyport ma

In a small moment
Just a little lie
When she wasn't looking
It just slipped on by {c. simon}

Did I know it was wrong? I don’t think so. Not in the sense that I would soon learn.  But I wanted it. It had to be mine. It didn’t catch my eye immediately upon entering, but when it did, I was locked and focused like a well-trained fighter pilot. I did the right thing at first, and asked for it. Denied. I pleaded. Denied again. I begged. A flat out no. I was crushed. Why couldn’t  it be mine? I was a good person. I didn’t ask for much! I was sitting in the passenger seat of the car. She asked me what was in my hand and I showed her. She asked me why I took it and I told her quite simply because I wanted it. I really didn’t know any better. I was 5. I remember like it happened yesterday.
It was a Mickey Mouse watch. It had to be mine. My mother said no and I took it anyway – I didn’t even put it in my pocket I just kept it in my hand.  But my first life lesson had begun. Mom of course marched me back into the toy store and made me return it along with an apology. I was scared.  I didn’t quite get the gist that I had just stolen something, that it was wrong.  I was so close to coveting the object of my affection. I mean come on it was a Mickey Mouse watch people!  It was perfect, with a black plastic strap. Seriously it was a beauty.  How was I to know it couldn’t be mine.  Oh how I cried.
Annie and I stopped into our local market to grab a few items. Getting her back in the car I noticed she kept her hand in her pocket. I asked her what was in her hand – she said nothing. Then it clicked. I had an immediate flashback to that day all those years ago. I asked her if she took something from the store and she said no. I asked to see her tongue. (We always catch her in a fib by telling her that her tongue would be black if she didn’t tell the truth – works every time – not that my girl is a liar but still….) She quickly stuck it out and then back in her mouth. Nabbed!  Annie what is in your pocket?! Of all things, a piece of Bazooka gum. Begin Life Lesson No. 1 for Annie. I marched her back into the store, made her return it and apologize. She burst into tears. Promised me she would never ever do it again. Oh the horror. Crying in the car as I drove away – seeing her little hands covering her face in my rear view mirror. Promising.  Never.  Again.  Tough  love indeed.
My life has come full circle – me and my Mickey Mouse watch and she with her Bazooka gum. (apprently I had set my sights higher) I immediately thought of my own Mom – did she feel the same way I did seeing her child cry. Wanting to comfort but knowing the lesson had to be learned.  I know Annie didn’t mean any harm – she is a beautiful soul and the kindest person I know. She just wanted a piece of gum like I wanted a watch. I told her she did the right thing returning that gum and saying she was sorry. I was proud of her for doing that.  As much as it hurts she’s learned her lesson. We both have. Life is funny. Oh the joys of parenthood.  xo m.

{annie's piggy bank - plenty of bazooka cash - nana watching over my girl in the background. always}


Anonymous said...

Meg. This story is beautiful and one I think every girl can relate to whether they are a mom or not. Thank you for sharing and sparking a few of my own childhood memories. ECap

Erin Tomlinson Photography said...

Oh Meg. I loved reading this. You are such a great writer! Thanks for sharing…what a great lesson to be learned.

monet b. photography said...

I've been getting alot of full circles moments lately. How much we are learning! And I can just imagine little Annie's face in the back seat...love your story telling!