08 February 2011

[paper hearts] | newburyport ma

I love you we said
Or one of us did
And the other agreed
From the heart. {c. simon}

we have craft monday {and/or} craft friday around here - yep that's what we call it.  squeezing projects in with annie between library and swimming and ballet and friends. she's a busy gal and i'm a little bit envious of her social life.{there i admitted it!} and now we have  sweet little paper heart garlands  hanging in our windows. greeting the passerby with a message of love as chrissie hynde would say. i love them. she loves them. mission accomplished! xo

[paper hearts]

{thanks to the fabulous erin of starving artist ink for the inspiration - i'm thinking of other garlands to make now with my stack o mags! xo}


Herman Glenvale said...

wow... how very clever

erin said...

oooh they are SO lovely.
i'm in love with them.. i mean really, so simple right? but something about it just looks so...sweet.


Anonymous said...

SOOO adorable!!! A little cottage business perhaps?!?! I would definitely buy some of these!

Maybe my Leah will make some with me, thanks for the inspiration! Love you!!! Keek