09 February 2011

[bertoia love] | newburyport ma

the urge for good design is the same as the urge to go on living.
{harry bertoia}

a splash of 60s a dose of 70s and a dollop of 80s - the three decades that defined me.  from birth through college and career. i saved marriage and motherhood for the tres modern new century - i was too busy being fabulous in boston. wink. wink.  and of course the 90s is where i kept my eye on the prize. career. career. career. and of course  contract furniture. 

i don't know if it was the fact that i was raised in connecticut -  beautiful fairfield county, that i have such fond memories of mid century fabulousness. from my piano teacher to our dentist to the photog who took our family photo in 1976 and all my babysitting gigs where i could peek inside some cool california modern homes - it was just everywhere. and really connecticut has nothing to do with it but  i just associate the two together. i really can't explain it - it's a feeling.  every time i see a beautiful danish credenza, a vintage brown jordan chaise lounge (the lido lace or the vinyl cords - awesome) a george nelson clock, knoll tulip chair, eames anything or even a tastefully made shag rug my heart skips a beat. i am so drawn to that genre.
and my home doesn't even look anywhere near  mid-century - not even close - i'm at that i hate everything in my house stage. but thanks to my sister who scored four bertoia wire side chairs on a trip to pennsylvania {she just knew i had wanted them for years and years} i have a start. and now my entire home has to be redesigned to accommodate them. who wants to help?! hands up! xo

dramatic bertoia shot

[george nelson. edward wormley. eero saarinen. harry bertoia. charles eams and jens risom] hail to the chiefs.


Herman Glenvale said...

love the pipe

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your home is going to evolve to be a wonderful image you'll create from your memories. Hope you share it with us!

vanessa said...

okay, those chairs are soooo adorable!! awesome find!