20 July 2010

[pipsqueak parties]. a retro american girl birthday.

newburyport event planner jasmine macdonald of pipsqueak parties hosted a fantastic birthday party for the darling 9 year bailley. in the july heat a gang of 9 year olds came out to celebrate and were greeted with everything american girl. each guest brought along her own american girl doll to party with. from spa treatments to cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries to pink lemonade, the perfect pb&j and delicious sandwiches on freshly baked bread, the girls had a blast. bailley decided that all her birthday presents would be donated to the boston children's hospital and each girl filled out a card to be delivered to the hospital to any girl that was battling illness. so very thoughtful. the party scene was decked out with pink and green lanterns, lily pulitzer everywhere and a very retro camper decked out in lily influenced fabrics and pillows. each girl was given a canvas swag bag filled with nail polish, masks, lotions and potions yummy chocolate  and adorable hooded robes to complete the spa feel. the girls gave each other spa treatments, painted toes and nails and had a moment of quiet with their face masks and cucumber slices on their eyes! the tunes were playing, the jacuzzi was on and the giggles were endless. 

if you're interested in having your next party designed by pipsqueak parties, feel free to contact jasmine at pipsqueakparties@gmail.com - it will be fabulous!

























Anonymous said...

Still can't remember my Google password so I am 4ever anonymous! This is THE sweetest looking birthday party I have ever seen! And Ms. Meg Manion Silliker...I say to you two things: #1: FAB.U.LOUS writing, really great, it's like you're speaking to us which is as it should be! Get going on a book woman, srsly...I think that's how you always abbr. that word! #2: Your photos are magic! MAGIC I SAY! I am blown away! Here I gooooooo.....xo

Irene said...

A-MA-ZING both in concept and photography. Well done!