22 July 2010

a lime slice - [happy]

she saw the sign and screamed with glee, "mommy i'm so happy i could cry"! and she did. oh my heart. imagine that pure joy from something as simple as a sign. but of course it wasn't just any sign, it was the american girl storefront. she spotted it like the perfect stealth pilot, i was happy she did because if she hadn't announced it at that moment we would have driven right by. after she said that with tears i started the tears. i was so happy that i made my little girl happy. spending time with her and only her was my goal today. and it was delightful.
i had made reservations the night before online for our lunch at the bistro and was so happy i decided to check the website out for driving directions because the line for lunch was unbelievable. we were immediately escorted to our private little table in the corner - all nice and cosy and PINK. pink pink pink as far as the eye can see. actually the interior design of the american girl bistro is fantastic. [i tried to research online who the design firm was but didn't have any luck] it was lovely looking out and seeing so many moms, grandmoms, aunts, sisters all  with the little girls in their life. i was chatting with the woman sitting at the next table about why didn't we think of this??!! a clever concept this american girl is. a very cool  "treat seat" is on hand so your bitty baby or doll, in annie's case her beloved lily, can sit at the table too. with a little plate and cup as well! their signature drink is pink lemonade. natch. and only my child would order the spaghetti and meatballs! the menu was very healthy actually - her meal was served with carrots and celery with ranch dressing and fresh fruit.and she ate it all. perfect. but not as perfect as the brownie lollipops displayed in a glass full of white sugar sprinkled with pink. 
we ate, shopped, and conquered the american girl store. annie chose two new outfits for lily and of course couldn't resist having her own "treat seat" for home. (she ate her dinner this evening with lily sitting at her side) any place that encourages girls to dream, grow, aspire, create and imagine is fine by me.
i made my little girl happy today.
i'm so happy i could cry.! [and collapse from exhaustion!]xo




[very interested in the happenings at the next table - guess what annie wants for her birthday?]

[here she's singing mama mia to lily and me - we both love abba!]

[clever wall hooks for your dolls - even in the bathroom stalls!]



[annie has her eye on julie - the cool gal from 1974 - and her fabulous mary tyler moore with a dash a rhoda morgenstern inspired furniture!]

[imagine that - two back to back posts about american girl]


shannon said...

meg..these are wonderful!! i LOVE this post so,so much....and your photos are beautiful. annie gets more beautiful by the second!! LOVE!

emily said...

That is so cool!!!! I wish there was one of these when I was her age! I love the picture with the sprinkles in the teeth :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! I especially love the photo with Annie's foot turned in as she looks at the array of lovely doll outfits! I love how you nurture her joy, what a good mommy! xoxo, Sistah Anonymous (unless I remember that darn Google password!)