10 May 2010

[a lime slice] - do the dishes tomorrow.

she had a conference with her angels before breakfast.
decided how to spend her day:
climb trees. run fast.
sing at the top of her lungs.
do the dishes tomorrow.
(m. duval)

the original bluelime muse has returned. jenni. my dear friend jenni. who always obliges me when i point my lens in her direction. the only one i know who can make a $9 dress from the gap look good with a pair of vivienne westwood pirate boots. my friend, who laughs at all my stupid jokes, who knows what song or movie line i am quoting, who gets it when i tell her about the smallest bump in my motherhood journey that overwhelms me and even though weeks perhaps months pass in between our visits, it's as if we had just seen each other for coffee that very morning. xo.

















and of course - darling ava girl.




vanessa said...

those are some rockin boots!!

shannon said...

oh, how i love these!!! that jenni and you make quite the unstoppable combo. i adore them all!!!