22 April 2010

[a lime slice] dairy twirl + cotton candy

it was a perfect day - with a perfect model. i first met nissa last year when i photographed her senior session and since then has become a bluelime muse. what should a bluelime muse be called -  i'll have to work on that, in the meantime if you have any suggestions let me know!
we planned our session at the once infamous salisbury beach. i never knew salisbury beach of old but i hear it was considered quite the hot spot. i can't even imagine it as a destination, but it was. it made the perfect background for our shoot. the once vibrant beach, boardwalk, amusement park is filled with abandoned run down buildings, fantastic vintage signage all set against the beautiful atlantic. sad to see the demise. you could almost hear the faint music of merry-go-rounds and the sounds of children screaming with glee. but that was long ago. today it's a place to grab a slice of "beach pizza" or friend clams, have your tarot cards read and spend money in the arcade. it would be wonderful if salisbury beach could benefit from the urban renewal of newburyport. the state reservation at salisbury beach is beautiful. thank goodness.

nissa thank you so much for the fun day - you are so beautiful inside and out and i can't wait to do it again! 

















Sarah said...

'DELICIOUS' images!! Just lovely!

shannon said...

these are fantastic! one of my favorite sessions of yours! looks like a killer location. i looooove the black and white close up of her!!!

Malia Enright Ott said...

great shoot, meg!!!! you even make salisbury look good! delightful...thanks for sharing your magic.

Relyn said...

Oh these images! And no wonder she is your muse. Her beauty is timeless.

Julianna Collett said...

Graet location - beautiful model- wonderful job!

.E. said...

these are so awesome.. love the overall feel to these.. fun.. fresh.. awesomeness