20 April 2010

[cello infusion] kristen miller

Away from the clink and clank of coffee cups, and filthy plates
I breathe your essence in heavy, discarded smoke
I soak it up, I drink it straight
And in its place, I leave an imprint that is me ~ K. Miller

you know when you hear music for the first time and you just dig it. it moves you, makes you think, expresses your thoughts - thoughts you didn't even know you had. that's how i felt the first time i heard the uber talented kristen miller. the most beautiful cellist you will ever hear. but kristen is more than a cellist - she's a poet - she stitches her gorgeous words with the most incredibly haunting and swoon worthy sounds. i never knew a cello could be so flippin' cool. kristen's music is cool. it's happening. it's rock. it's folk. it's hip. it's haunting and lyrical and mysterious and just right on.
kristen is all those things too. if she were a  tea she would be a delightful cup of iron goddess of mercy. pure.strong.beautiful and genius. infused with elation.

i had the distinct honor of shooting kristen. here are a few images from our sesh.

also and most importantly kristen's third cd will be released on 12 june - and i can't wait. i heard a few tracks. it's a collection of stunning sweet-sounds. cd's are available for purchase online at http://cellobrew.com
my favorite is "later that day" no wait it's "strange little valentine" no no no it's "walk"! good thing i can have them all! (and to my fellow photog friends - her music is brilliant to edit to - oh yes indeed)

and if you really want to be hip and happening - make sure you become a fan of kristen's on facebook. she has a little contest going on and the winner will receive a copy of the coveted new cd "walk"!

-6791 copy










shannon said...

beautiful, meg!! they are all a work of art!

Kristie Conte said...

These are great Meg! I love her red, curly hair..

kellie said...

great color!! love the hair:)

Relyn said...

Oh these are wonderful. I know she is just thrilled. I'm pretty sure you'll be doing the photography for her next album cover.