11 January 2010

[don't let's ask for the moon... we have the stars,"]


one of those lines that you never ever forget. the one line that stays with you long after the movie is over. the line that can make you cry your heart out. just sit down and cry your heart out.
yep, that was me last night. watching "now, voyager" starring bette davis, paul henreid and claude rains. crying my heart out as the screen faded to black and the music score by max steiner plays. bil and annie sound asleep on the couch. they obviously couldn't make it through the flick.
oh what a flick it is. one of my all time favs. of course, to me, anything starring bette davis is an all time fav.
1942, fabulous clothes. seriously, the.best.clothes.ever. and the famous cigarette scenes. where paul henreid [he plays jeremiah duvaux durrance, the handsome architect from rio]lights two cigarettes and gives one to charlotte vale or lights her cigarette while he is just looking so deeply at her. charlotte the once dowdy shy girl from Boston. oh it's enough to make me want to wear a hat and gloves and take up smoking.
i love this movie for so many reasons. mostly the memories it gives me. my mom and i always snuggled up and watched a good bette davis movie. mom turned me on to every single bette davis movie ever made. we loved the film noir movies too - rebecca, laura, -if you haven't seen rebecca or laura stop everything immediately and find them. a.maz.ing.
so i guess my little session last night of crying my heart out was the fantastic movie ending mixed with the memory of my mom and how much i miss her. sometimes it hits me like a freight train. guess it will never change. there's an empty hole in my world without her. and when i watched now, voyager - where the mother was so mean and controlling and horrid to her daughter, i remember how wonderful my mother was to me, so encouraging of being able to do anything i wanted in my life always. how i want my own daughter to know that.

anyway....a moment. a crying my heart out moment. but one of the best movies.

the untold want by life and land ne'er granted, now voyager sail thou forth to seek and find." walt whitman


Carrie Manion said...

Wow. I will definitely have to rent that. I too love old movies and that era. I enjoyed your words.

Jackie said...

Such a sweet post. I love that you and your mom loved watching old movies together - what a lovely memory!I LOVE old movies - the noir are my favorite - I could watch Rebecca and Laura over and over and Now Voyager is amazing too! Nothing's better than watching an old black and white (with glam actresses and great clothes) on a rainy day!

SogniSorrisi said...

I've never seen this movie but now I really want to!