03 September 2009

a lime slice: [nyc] scenes

my recent trip to new york to shoot a gorgeous bride and groom [recently blogged here] - was a quick trip indeed. the day after, my sister [who so graciously came along to help with annie] and i brought little miss to the central park zoo - can you say crowded! and oh so hot - tea @ alice's tea cup where there was an hour and a half wait - a lovely walk through central park - and catching a 5 o'clock train back to connecticut - left no time to enjoy the city that i love. so a return visit is a must. but i do enjoy the random shots and the surprises that await you at every corner - the vibrant blue of the post no bills sign - fdny standing next to my bride as we walk to the venue - a dad blowing bubbles to amuse his son on the sidewalk caught from my cab - "look it's the eiffel tower" annie cried out at the empire state building - a bride and groom being photographed in the middle of grand central as we raced to catch our train. so much to see and so little time.

i really do heart new york.

nyc scenes


tara leigh said...

so adorable. next time... you call me!!

thousand words photography said...

these are fab, meg! i've never been but would give the world to. i'll hire you as my tour guide!! xo

Red said...

So fun and so happy to see you got to enjoy NYC through your lens and not just for our wedding. Gorgeous Meg.

emily said...

my cousin is the cutest. miss her lots